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產品簡介  藍謙牌可移動式焊煙凈化器,過濾效率高達99%,采用國際煙塵技術,廣泛應用于過濾焊煙、粉塵和煙霧等。結構緊湊,堅固耐用。外殼采用粉末涂層鋼板制造。過濾器部件選用進口濾材。主要優點1、移動式焊煙凈化器,底部帶有活動腳輪,使用方便,靈活性強。2、通過吸氣臂抽吸,從污染源頭上徹底解決環境污染問題。3、自帶清灰系統,通過高壓噴射系統促使附著與過濾器表面粉塵顆粒物脫落掉入集塵盒內。4、工廠環境可得到明顯改善,為員工提供良好的工作環境。Product introductionBlue Qian mobile removable smoke purifier, with a filtration efficiency of up to 99%, is widely used in filtration and welding of smoke, dust and smoke by using international dust technology. The structure is compact and durable. The shell is made of powder coated steel plate. Filter parts are selected with imported filter materials.The main advantages1. Movable welding fume purifier, with movable casters at the bottom, easy to use and flexible.2, through the suction arm suction, from the source of pollution to solve the problem of environmental pollution.3, bring ash cleaning system, through the high-pressure injection system to facilitate attachment and filter surface dust particles fall off into the dust box.4, the factory environment can be significantly improved to provide a good working environment for employees. 


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