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? 氣在引風機的負壓作用下先進入光氧裝置,光氧主要利用特制的高能高臭氧UV紫外線光束照射廢氣,裂解工業廢氣如:氨、三甲胺、硫化氫、甲硫氫、甲硫醇、甲硫醚、乙酸丁酯、乙酸乙酯、二甲二硫、二硫化 碳和苯乙烯、硫化物H2S,VOC類、苯、甲苯、二甲苯的分子鏈結構,使有機或無機高分子惡臭化合物的分子鏈在高能紫外線的光束的照射下降解轉變成低分子 化合物,利用高能高臭氧UV紫外線光束分解空氣中的氧分子及水分子產生游離氧(活性氧)和OH自由基,因游離氧和所攜正負電子不平衡所以需與氧分子結合,進而產生臭氧。眾所周知臭氧對有機物具有極強的氧化作用,對工業廢氣及其它刺激性異味有立竿見影的清除效果。進入高效填料塔。在填料塔的上端,噴頭噴出吸收液均勻分布在填料上,廢氣與吸收液在填料表面上充分接觸,發生反應。廢氣中的易溶于水的HCL、NO2、NH3等酸性物質幾乎全被溶解在吸收液里,并與吸收液反應,生成無害的鹽類和水,從而達到凈化廢氣的目的。凈化后的氣體會飽含水份,經過塔頂的除霧裝置去除水份后直接排放到大氣中。吸收液根據污染物性質配制,可循環使用。


? 廣泛應用于化工、電子、金屬加工、煙草、玻璃、制藥、食品加工、凈化室等因生產產生的廢氣或不銹鋼及管道加工、鋁等金屬焊接時產生的含鉛、錫等煙氣、廢氣或粉塵或煙霧處理場所。

One、Equipment introduction

The purifier is an integrated purification device specially designed for industrial waste gas to deal with smoke and light particles produced in workshop. The core components of the equipment are mainly using the light oxygen device or water wet type, which can effectively remove the harmful substances and pollution particles in the waste gas, but also can degrade various odor and all kinds of toxic and harmful gases produced by various metal processing plants.

Two、Working principle

The exhaust gas is first entered into the oxygen device under the negative pressure of the fan. The light oxygen is mainly irradiated by the special high-energy and high ozone UV ultraviolet light beam. The pyrolysis industrial waste gases such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl thiohydrin, methionyl alcohol, methionine, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, two a, two sulfur, carbon disulfide and styrene are used. The molecular chain structure of sulfides H2S, VOC, benzene, toluene and xylene makes the molecular chain of organic or inorganic polymer odour compounds decompose into low molecular compounds under the irradiation of high energy ultraviolet light, and uses high energy high ozone UV ultraviolet light to decompose oxygen molecules and water molecules in the air to produce free oxygen (activity). Oxygen and OH radicals, due to the imbalance of free oxygen and positive and negative electrons, need to combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone. As we all know, ozone has a strong oxidation effect on organic compounds, and has instant effect on industrial waste gas and other irritating odors. Enter the high efficient packing tower. At the upper end of the packed column, the nozzle sprays out the absorption liquid evenly distributed on the packing, and the exhaust gas and the absorption liquid are fully contacted on the surface of the packing, and react. The acidic substances, such as HCL, NO2 and NH3, which are soluble in water, are almost completely dissolved in the absorption liquid and react with the absorption liquid to produce harmless salt and water, thus the purpose of purifying the waste gas is achieved. The purified gas will be full of moisture and will be discharged into the atmosphere directly after removing the moisture from the mist eliminator at the top of the tower. The absorption liquid is prepared according to the nature of pollutants and can be recycled.

Three、The scope of application

It is widely used in chemical, electronic, metal processing, tobacco, glass, pharmaceutical, food processing, purification room and other products produced by the production of exhaust gas or stainless steel and pipe processing, aluminum and other metal welding of lead, tin and other flue gas, waste gas or dust or smoke treatment places.

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