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 藍謙公司擁有的專業技術研發中心、先進的工藝設備、完善的檢測手段、科學的管理制度,確保公司的產品質量。 公司的宗旨:取人無我有、人有我新、人新我精,的開拓創新的生產體系和經營理念,全力打造企業品牌,行業先鋒。為中國環保事業,再創新高本。


    Is a research and development, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise, the leading product for the oil mist purifier, industrial cleaner, kitchen fume purifier, dust cleaner, deodorizingpurifier purification products.Some

   companies in strict accordance with the requirements of high quality, high standards ofenvironmental protection and purifying system. To maintain consistent quality, the pursuit of the highest grade and quality products, to ensure product quality.

   The blue Qian company has professional and technical R & D center, advanced process equipment, perfect detection means, scientific management system, to ensure that the company'sproduct quality. The company's purpose: take no person I have, I have new people, new people I am fine, innovative production system and business philosophy, to build the enterprise brand,leading the industry pioneer. For the cause of environmental protection Chinese, re innovationhigh.

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